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Safety First

Dear Patients,

We want to assure you that we are taking the highest level of measures we can to keep you, and our staff safe.


For incoming appointments, we are:


  1. Talking with all patients before they arrive to check to make sure they do not have any COVID-19 related symptoms, and or have not come in contact with anyone with symptoms recently. Those that have will not be seen.
  2. We have strict daily cleaning policies in place for all of our offices.
  3. We are cleaning patient rooms after EVERY patient visit.
  4. We are requiring all employees and patients to wash hands upon arrival.
  5. Our clinicians will be wearing gloves and a mask throughout the appointment.
  6. We will also be providing each patient with a mask to wear throughout the appointment.
  7. Our entire staff has been very diligent about staying isolated and creating social distancing to reduce their exposure risk.
  8. We will be taking the temperature of all employees and patients upon arrival to our office.
  9. We are keeping our staff levels to a minimum to maintain social distancing.
  10. No one is allowed in the waiting room, they will be taken directly to an exam room.
  11. Ideally we only have the patient and the clinician in an exam room, but if you need someone with you, please limit it to only one other person.


Thank you for your understanding of these new rules and requirements, they are designed to help keep us all safer.

We look forward to seeing all of you soon and getting much-needed devices delivered, and adjustments made.


Matt Perkins


Coyote Prosthetics

Idaho’s rugged outdoors are now more accessible than ever for people with disabilities


The Idaho Statesman did a really great article accessibility in Idaho and video on the First Climb Event in Boise that Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics sponsored along with an interview including Coyote's CEO Matt Perkins.


Click on the image below to see the article and video.


Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics  has opened our new office in Caldwell Idaho

504 N. 10th Ave. Suite A, Caldwell, Idaho 83605

(208) 453-6404

Across from Bi-Mart

Press Release from OPAF

Coyote Prosthetics & Orthotics Hosts First Climb in Boise


August 28, 2019 – Boise,Idaho – Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics recently hosted a most successful First Climb at Boise State University Student Recreation Center. Over 40 participants, ranging from children to seniors participated along with family members and support staff from the Idaho climbing community. The clinic, led by national paraclimber and coach, Tommy Lyon and assisted by the staff of Boise State assisted a wide range of paraclimbers up the walls and introduced few to bouldering.


“I had lots of opportunities! Before today I thought my climbing days were over. It inspired me to continue to climb” offered James Neal, a veteran and facing Parkinson’s disease. “I want to recommend to the VA. OPAF & the Coyote staff were great. Boise State staff kept us safe and gave lots of encouragement’


Annie Carey, a Boise Paralympic hopeful was on hand as was Jennifer Skeesick, regional director for CAF Idaho. We were also fortunate to have two adaptive climbers from Twin Falls join us from Gemstone Gym. It was great to have such a collaborate effort to promote paraclimbing in Idaho. TV and print media were on hand to record the event and Coyote provide a pizza lunch for everyone following First Climb.


# # #


About OPAF: Serving as the philanthropic arm of the US orthotic and prosthetic community, the Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF), develops, implements, partners and hosts adaptive recreational clinics for those with physical challenges. The First Clinics are recognized as leaders in adaptive recreation. Whether this is the first time a participant is trying an activity after illness, injury or episode or the first time they are ever trying, First Clinics offer top notch adaptive instruction specifically for them. Founded in 1995 to support the Paralympic Games in Atlanta, OPAF & The First Clinics are now offering clinical evidence based education and training for allied health care professionals with select First Clinics and include continuing education credits. For more information on OPAF and The First Clinics, visit


On August 10th over 40 people had a great time at the OPAF First Climb sponsored by Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics


We saw all ages of participants show up to this gravity defying event introducing adaptive rock climbing to many different abilities.

The goal was to show how to navigate the wall and safely use the climbing equipment no mater your physical or mobility challenge.

Many of the participants found climbing is a great way to meet peers, learn a new hobby, and develop your problem-solving skills.

It's also a great way to improve your balance,flexibility, and strength while have a blast.


Thank you everyone for participating in such a fun event!


Thank you OPAF for managing the event and Boise State University Recreation Center for letting us use your facility. The team of Rec. Center Employees  were a great help.

KIVI TV - Showed up to the OPAF event and did a really nice story.

Click below to see the KIVI story.

KIVI TV First Climb Story

By KIVI TV - BOISE, ID — Coyote Prosthetics and Orthoditics and their sister company, Coyote Design, sponsored an adaptive rock climbing for anyone with a physical or mobility challenge today.


The event was free and gave amputees and people living with limb differences a chance to try adaptive rock climbing and learn new techniques.


Noted rock climber, instructor and below knee amputee, Tommy Lyons says, "You know the challenges with climbing are a mental puzzle, as well as a physical adaptation that every single person in that gym has to deal with, so for people that deal with different challenges of normal tasks every day it's a nice relief to come out and try something that everybody's got to try hard at and have the satisfaction of accomplishing."


Boise State University donated the space and the staff for today's event.


The youngest climber was five years old and the oldest was over 60.

Channel 6 News -

KIVI in Boise or KSAW in Twin Falls, did a really nice "Made in Idaho" segment on our company.

Coyote company history

Who is Coyote

We have a new patient testimonial video you might be interested in.

Kelly is a above knee amputee.

Kelly,  Twin Falls


Kelly is an above knee amputee that wears a Coyote Design Proximal Lock with a Wave Suction Band and Coyote suction valve.


Proximal Lock - Coyote Design's Proximal Lock is a zero clearance lock designed to help elimate rotation and postoning. When this lock style is combined with Coyote's Wave Suction Band it can create suction in the bottom of the socket creating a more intimate fit.



Coyote P&O specializes in custom orthotics and prosthetics. With its more than 50 years of experience in the field, Coyote can go beyond the normal  P&O to ensure its’ patients are treated as individuals. Ultimately, we ensure that every patient is comfortable and able to participate in whatever activities they choose whether they have artificial limbs or custom bracing.


Coyote Prosthetics and Orthotics works closely with its sister company Coyote Design to create new prosthetic and orthotic products and methods used throughout the country and world.  This connection gives Coyote P&O access to advanced equipment and technology like computer aided design, rapid prototyping and custom manufacturing equipment.  This allows us to offer a higher level of service, comfort and performance than other  prosthetic and orthotic providers throughout in the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley and the rest of Idaho.

Patient Care


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